Vaayadi Petha Pulla Lyrics Meaning/Translation in English

Vaayadi Petha Pulla Lyrics


Song Name: Vaayadi Petha Pulla (Tamil)

Album Name: Kanaa (2018)

Songwriter : GKB

Actors: Aishwarya Rajesh, Sathyaraj

Label : Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

Vaayadi Petha Pulla Lyrics Meaning/Translation in English – Kanaa

Vaayadi Petha Pulla

Born to the adamant mother;

Vare Pohra Nella Pola.

Thriving like crops in summer.

Yaar Iva, Yaar Iva

Who’s this girl?

Kaiyula Suthura Kaathadi

Look at the kite she holds in her hand;

Kaathula Aduthu Koothadi

How it glides in the wind!

Kannule Color-Ah Kannadi

Her shades are the coolest sight;

Vambukku Vanthu Nippa

Always the first to pick a fight.

Yaar Iva, Yaar Iva,

Who’s this girl?

Yaar Intha Devathai

Who is this little angel?

Anandha Poo Maghe

This glimmering ball of glee?

Vaal Mattum Illaiye

Who is this little devil?

Settaikellam Sontha Kaari

This princess of mischief?

Yaar Intha Devathai

Who is this little angel?

Oor Konjum En Maghe

The vllage dotes on my darling girl.

Nee Enthan Saamy Thaan

You are my God, You’re my mother.

Ennai Petha Chinna Thaaiye

I was re-born when I became your father.

Anna Kiliye Vanna Kuyile

O Bird of many tints and tunes!

Kutti Kurumbe Katti Karumbe

Master of sweetness and shenanigans.

Chella Kiliye Chinna Chilaiye

‘O dearest child of mine!

Appan Maghala Piranthavala

Born just to make her father smile.

Appanukku Aasthiyum Naan Thaanae

I am daddy’s little girl;

Aasaiya Vanthae Poranthenae

His own happiness bundle.

Vaanathil Pattammaai

Like a kite I fly;

Osarakka Paranthenae

High up, up in the sky.

Enakku Irukkum Kanavu Ellaamae

All these dreams I hold dear;

Nilavu Kitta Solli Vaipenae

I whisper into the Moon’s ears.

Paasathil Vilaiyura, Vayala Pol Iruppenae

Like a nurturing farmer’s harvest;

I will grow up to be the best.

Pottai Pulla Nenappula Pasi Enakkilla

No sorrow or misery can faze me;

Iva Siruppula Mayilae

Her tender smile can save me.

Vaanavillu Kodai Kulla Mazhaikku Panjamilla

Idi Minnal Iva Kuda Paattu Katti Aadum

The rainbow hides in her umbrella;

She dances with lightning and thunder.


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