Wherever I Go: The Story of the Paralamas Do Sucesso Hit

Herbert Vianna, Bi Ribeiro and João Barone compose Os Paralamas do Sucesso , one of the biggest names in Brazilian rock.

Exceptionally creative and innovative, they collect countless hits that were and are successes today!

Owners of 13 albums and 8 Grammys, their songs are recognized for being exciting and timeless. One of the biggest hits is Where You Want Me to Go, launched in 2000.

The music is exciting, carries a sad story behind it and was later reinterpreted by Herbert. Come and understand everything!

Wherever I Go: The True Story

Released on the album Arquivo II: 1991-2000, Herbert and Paulo Valle wrote in Wherever I Went About Herbert’s grief when his labrador dog died.

They were very close, and the dog stayed with Herbert for many years. This is the real source of inspiration for music.

However, in 2001, Herbert Vianna and his wife Lucy Needham-Vianna suffered an ultralight accident. His wife, unfortunately, died in the accident, and Herbert developed paraplegia.

In several interviews, he has spoken that he uses music to channel the pain he feels for his wife and that the song saved his life after the accident.

The accident of Herbert Vianna

In February 2001, Herbert and Lucy took off in Angra dos Reis, on the south coast of Rio de Janeiro.

Herbert, who had more than ten years of driving experience, commanded the ultralight and lost control when maneuver. Bad weather and mechanical failure caused the plane to crash into the sea. 

Lucy was fastened to her seat belt and died on the spot. The singer was rescued and taken to hospital in serious condition. He was in a coma for 40 days and managed to survive. However, the accident was so violent that the singer developed paraplegia.

Although Herbert says he has no sufficient recollection of the accident (the accident also made him lose some of his memory), the pain of losing his wife and the trauma has not passed.

The singer states that he has the accident with him as an opportunity to learn, grow, evolve emotionally.

In several Paralamas shows, the singer dedicates several songs to his wife, including Aonde Quer Que Eu Vou.

Analysis of the lyrics of Where I Want Me To Go

Check out our interpretation of some striking parts of the song:

Olhos fechados

Pra te encontrar

Não estou ao seu lado

Mas posso sonhar

Aonde quer que eu vá

Levo você no olhar

As we know that music is about mourning, the explicit nostalgia in it is not new.

But when we relate it to Herbert and Lucy’s story and see the singer’s interpretation, the new meaning attributed to music becomes notorious.

Não sei bem certo

Se é só ilusão

Se é você já perto

Se é intuição

Herbert’s longing for the great love of his life is translated into this song, even before the accident happened. The lyrics are sensitive, sad and have also been re-signified for fans of the band.

Longe daqui

Longe de Tudo

Meus sonhos vão te buscar

Volta pra mim

Vem pro meu Mundo

Eu sempre vou te esperar

Healing the loss of someone is absurdly tricky, and Herbert makes it clear, even today, that this mark is still present in his life.

Wherever I Go has become one of Paralamas’ biggest hits and thrills everyone who knows the vocalist’s trajectory.

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