Yum Yum Spaghetti Lyrics

Yum Yum Spaghetti Lyrics

Come on Baby John
We’ll help you along
Have a seat ,it’s time to eat
Come on Baby John

We must use our manners
Let us show you how
Learning new things as we sing
The Table Manners Song

If you have a spill
You don’t have to cry
You can use your napkin
To wipe the spill dry

If your face gets dirty
You know what to do
You can use your napkin
And wipe away the food

When we eat our soup
We must use a spoon
Hold the spoon the right way
So we don’t spill our food

When we eat our soup
We should never slurp
Use our table manners
Say excuse me if we burp

When you chew your food
Always be polite
Close your mouth, don’t show your meal
That would be rude

When you take a bite
Please try not to drool
Keep your lips together
It’s a table manners rule!

If you have a piece
That’s much too big to eat
Cut into to smaller bits
Start by watching me

You can use your fork
To make a smaller piece
Now it fits inside your mouth
And it’s ready to eat

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